Our Story

The story of how we became A Tribe Called TND begins with a simple idea.

The idea that a people's value is not measured in mineral wealth, agricultural productivity, industrial efficiency or even good governance.

A people's value is measured in the people themselves. Their collective potential.

Their dreams for that potential and all they hope to contribute to the World along the way.

And so in Feb 2014 an idea was born, hidden in the line of a song our founder sung which said, that regardless of the rocks out in Marange, TISU NGODA DZACHO.

It means 'We Are The Diamonds They Speak Of'.


And for a while, the idea sat waiting, patiently . . . for it's time to come.

And it did.

In April 2018, our founder decided that in order to empower fellow Afrikans to believe in their individual excellence, we first had to show them their individual beauty. 

The surest way to their hearts and minds, would be through enriching the lives of the creatives whose role has always been to show us truth and beauty.

And so, The Creative Nation of Zimbabwe was born on Africa Day 2018, with our founder as its President and one vision, to nourish the Soul of Afrika.